Happy Clients


“Our last one on one produced better results in 45min than the orthopedic doctor with steroid shots and the physical therapists twice a week over 4 month. I had torn my left rotator cuff in two places, with frozen shoulder, bursitis and tendinitis. Your healing session made a huge difference.”

- Beate, Atlanta

“My tooth had been throbbing for months and I knew I probably needed to either have a root canal or extraction. I had been us ing a laser on it which helped some, but didn’t heal the tooth. I talked to Bart via Skype about it and he felt into the situation and said he could help . After 3 twenty minute sessions, the entire tooth was like no rmal and has remained like that for over a year. I didn’t do any dental work for it!”

— Bhimi C

“I had brain surgery from a big tumor and a severe car accident several years ago. Since then I have had this uneasy feeling and sensitivity and finding it very hard to focus on detailed things . And I can get confused easily. I am working at an accounting firm so having to deal with numbers has been a real challenge. After being in 2 healing circles with Bart, I feel like I”m reborn in my brain . I am more calm, grounded, my mind is much clearer and work is completely different now. My ability to concentrate is 100%. Thank you so much for your miraculous work!”

— Linda L

“I have had skewed vision from an operation which resulted in a close up vision problem for some time now, and just thought I had to live with it, as doctors could not find a solution. I had a private healing and then the group healing and after those, and during the group healing, I realized my close up vision improved 75%. I am so grateful and appreciative of Bart’s sincere and powerful healing work. I felt I could trust him completely. My husband Jack who had a heatt attack continues to have more energy and feels so much better from the remote healing. What a blessing! Deep gratitude! And my medium range eyesight continues to be clear! Yes! There are no words to thank Bart for his healing work and for you Bhimi for making it possible Love to you both.”

— Iris B

“I was at the course “What to do with the rest of your life, Your divine Gift”med Bart Smyth. It helped me overcome a desperation, fear and pain from not having trust in the goals I was working so hard to reach. Now I feel strong and calm with all that was pointed out as my next steps conquering my new life. It was like jumping out of old clothing and open up for what is really the truth about oneself. The change I saw in others was amazing too. If you would like help go beyond your limitations and step right into the life you really would like to live, from heart, I recommend this course.”

— Mona Nylin

“The group healing gave me so much energy. I thought I was going home to bed, but instead I came home and started to work for four hours on an essay with a deadline (about music pedagogy). And it got ready that evening after our meeting! Thank you.“

“A day I was in a problematic situation I contacted Bart Smyth for help, and it turned out to be both practical and efficient solution. I had woken up with fever and a urine infection the same day an important meeting that I was hosting. I did not want to cancel and I did not have time to go the local pharmacy for penicillin. I emailed Bart and went to work – worried about how the day would work out. When I arrived at work I was still ill, but after one hour at work – in time for the meeting the symptoms were 90% gone. The morning after 100% gone”

— N.N., Bergen - NOrway

“After the course “What to do with the rest of your life”I feel more connected to the heart and that my meditation is going deeper, touching new spaces- like love, connectedness and I have been able to connect and communicate with my pupils in a deeper and more direct way, also, sometimes with their parents. This seemed obvious yesterday at the pupils end of the term performance many of them spontaneously came forward to embrace me. This is something new.
After the course I have continued to meditate outdoors, in nature, every morning.

— J.B., Uppsala - swede

“I contacted Bart for my mother’s sake without someone else knowing about it, they would just think I was superstitious. Bart, however, had helped me before and I trust his work. Bart and I talked the night before mother was into surgery at Karlstad Hospital and operated on for bladder cancer,in April 2012.A highly experienced doctor had determined that she had lesions in a urine sample, indicating cancer. The question was how much or how little they would have to remove of the bladder. It can be burned or removed surgically, depending on size.But the mother imagined the worst.She believed they spread and that perhaps she would never wake up.Since she had/has a range of other diseases of the lower abdominal region(such as uterine cancer about 1984, when the whole stomach was irradiated and the uterus was removed, the 2009 disc herniation was a rigid surgery of the lower back, and 2010 ostomy surgery), she is weak in her overall health. The whole family saw this as a very serious situation. They drove to the hospital for her to have surgery, where she was sedated and examined. But they could not find any cancer. Doctor’s explanation of what happened is: because she was beamedin connection with uterine cancer in 1984, perhaps specimens showed cellular changes even though it still is not cancer. But the news was wonderful for her and our whole family. We were able to celebrate her 70th birthday May 6 in great joy for the whole family. Thanks Bart.”

— Karin B

“As the minutes go by I have noticed a lightness about my energy. It’s as if the heaviness of my physical and mental has been lifted. Even though it’s after 11 :DO p.m. I feel like I could clean the house from top to bottom or run a marathon (which I’ve never done by the way). I want to hug everyone, run down the street hollering out loud how happy I am. I feel truly blessed to have had this experience with him and everyone else there this evening.”

— Susan F

“An accident gave me a 20% large hole in my eardrum. After a half-hour session with Bart it was healed! The Doctors were amazed.”

- Sebastian, Oslo

“I’ve been plagued with a chronic knee injury from playing football. It was painful when I was active. I found that the work applied by Bart has brought an improvement in my knee. There are much less pain and discomfort now.”

- Dr. Van R. Bohman

“We went to Bart’s presentation at a fair in Stockholm a couple of months ago. My husband has during the last 12 years not slept thru one whole night, because his arms and hands went numb. During the years he visited doctors, acupunctures, acupressurists, healers, massage therapists, you name it… We even went to Bali to get a treatment from a renowned Chinese healer. Bart invited my husband up on stage to demonstrate, which only took 5 minutes. The next morning my husband woke up, very surprised, after sleeping thru the whole night the first time in 12 years! After yet another day the sensation in his arms and hands came back fully. We can only say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!” 

- Anita Kjellstrand and Nils-Erik Holmberg

“First time Bart worked on me, my menstrual cramps went away immediately. He also told me things that only my gynecologist and I knew about, that I had fibroid tumors and a tipped uterus. After the session I moved to a new town, and after my first exam with my new doctor, I asked about my previous symptoms. I was told my uterus was not tipped and there were no fibroids! I’d been hearing about these things for 9 years, I am so thankful!”

- Lisa Dewey

“Dear Bart. I just wanted to thank you so very, very much for all the help you gave me during the birth of my son, on the 30th of december.

Luckily my mother was able to get a hold of you, because I don´t know what I would have done without your help.

The birth took a total of 47 hours, but after my mother talked to you it only took 2 hours before he was born, and the last part of the birth went very well=) I have also recovered very fast.

Again, thank you ever so much. We are really grateful.”

— Silje Haugen and little Lucas. (Bergen, Norway) 

“I injured my back and after a five minute session with Bart I did not need to take my pain relief pills and could function without a brace. Then after two more of these short sessions, my back was completely healed.”

D. S. President “Go For It Academy”

- Phobia

“Before my session with Bart I had been terribly sick for 3 monthsdiagnosed with cervikal rhizopati. Terrible pain inn neck and back that shot out in the arms. I could not carry a carton of milk home from the store. I was depressed, angry and discontent with the doctors as they could not help me, not even lessen the pain. I tried some other alternative methods but without results.

My whole life changed after my session with Bart. I was well and without pain within 30 minutes! I got my life back and I feel much more whole and well than before I got ill.

I can only recommend everyone to try EBT/ the Yuen Method. Bart is an excellent healer and I felt very safe with him. An amazing opportunity for healing.”

- Mateja, Ängelholm

“I have known Bart for some years, both being students of the Chinese Martial Arts and more specifically Tai Chi Chuan. Together,  we’ve offer seminars in Northern California, Nevada and Utah, working primarily to develop the intuitive process and offer alternative approaches to health, self awareness and personal well being. Individuals desiring to expand and apply the healing aspects of Tai Chi and redefine various aspects of their lives find benefit in our work. Bart has spoken with me often about the “other”aspects of his practice but I never fully understood his explanations. Recently I had the opportunity to experience first hand Bart’s gift for what I’ll describe as intuitive exploration and re-direction. During a phone conversation, Bart addressed a part of my consciousness that I was not, as yet, fully aware. He observed a submerged fear that was causing me great anxiety, stagnation and procrastination. The tone of his conversation remained focused and calm, his voice  didn’t change as he went from shop talk to pointing out in a simple matter of fact manner this aspect of my being that became such an extraordinary

The change I experienced was drastic and immediate. Within twenty four hours, “change”manifested in my physical world. Being familiar with Milton Erickson,  Neuro-linguistic Programming  and many traditions of trance work,  I remain convinced that what I experienced was transformational and unique in its simplicity.”

— Rich poccia

“After a session Bart told me I needed to go see a Doctor immediatelyand get checked out. The Dr. found 2 tumors in an inoperable location. Bart

supported me with my choice to do Chemo therapy to try to shrink the tumors. Their size made it impossible to be removed surgically. The doctors were not hopeful.
Bart had treated me before and after each session, from a distance. I used his herbs as well as got lymphatic massage from a good friend.

After 4 chemo sessions, the tumors weren’t smaller, the tumors were gone. The doctors stood in disbelief and said,”whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”

I have not only healed the tumors but my life has become very clear. My major conflicts which I kept myself weak and ill with my whole life are not only revealed but healed and I have tools of awareness including his Tai Chi program, which also helped immensely. I am very grateful to the doctors and Bart.”

- Lala Weibull- Sweden

“Leo is eleven years old and had since two month an acute loss of vision. Without any aids he is meanwhile unable to read, write or read even big letters from the blackboard.

During the diagnosis in hospital he got an injection of contrast media. Leo had been of strong yellow colour for the whole day after that injection.

Since then he had worked with Bart three times on the phone before he first met him in person at a group healing at the “Praxis am See” in Ottersberg, Germany. On the day after this group healing session, Leo once again got very yellow, as if every cell of Leos body would have been mixed up and the deposited rests of the contrast media would have been stirred up and been brought back in his system.

At this occasion we really could visualise how Bart’s work effected in Leo’s body.”

— Bianca, LEO’s mum

“Our cat Curious was having some weird “spells” over the last two months. For no apparent reason he would become lethargic, stop eating his food (very bad sign for him) and his heart would beat very quickly. I finally remembered to call Bart. He began working on Curious immediately and Curious began feeling better. Bart worked his magic on him and determined that it had something to do with his blood. 

We took Curious to the vet, who did a thorough exam on him. Although we were concerned that it was his heart, the vet determined that his heart was strong and that it was something in his blood!  He thought the tachycardia was due to something he had eaten that was toxic to his little body.

When I spoke with Bart again he said that he, too, thought it was from something Curious had eaten. We figured out that it was the star gazer lillies that we had which are very toxic to cats. We are so grateful for Bart’s ability to do the work that he does and that the results are so phenomenal. With much gratitude,” 

— kathy jacobson

“For almost my entire life I have suffered with true Arachnophobia, (my phobia even included bacteria, which in my mind looked like spiders). A childhood trauma with a spider is probably the basis of the problems. After one session with Bart, I am amazingly free of the phobia. At first I thought this would be temporarily, but now after two months I feel confident that it is gone for good. I am entirely grateful to Bart for this gift”.

- R-M. P. retired, Fibromyalgia

“I met Bart at Ängsbacka festival in Sweden this summer. I have had pain in my body for at least 10 years. I have (had) “fibromialgia”(a lot of people has it) and a “pielonefritis”(infection in kidneys), and “endometriosis”(inflammation in endometrio). Bart was busy but gave me a 10 minute diagnosis to get an idea of what could be done. In these 10 minutes my pain disappeared and has not come back. I was able to work with him a few days later and this changed even more of my body and mind. I am pain free and feeling great after years of suffering. I went to doctor when I returned to Mallorca and I was without problems. Thank you soooooooooooo much!”

- Elena Iglesias

“I came to Bart with a visible structural distortion in my cranium and jaw, and this was after one year of Feldenkrais work and study. In my session it felt like someone was inside my head pushing and pulling. Yet Bart just sat there without touching me at all. At the end, my face and jaw were in alignment and I was pain free.”

- Jane Flyman- Sweden

“Since Bart applied his energetic therapy to me, I have experienced an increase in vitality and have minimized my intake of prescription antidepressants. With his assistance, healing and coaching, I have learned to maintain balance, both physical and chemical, and thereby have been able to successfully direct my energies in the different areas of my life, and this is very important to me.”

- B.M. L, writer
Structural distortion

“I trained Tai Chi with Bart and once after class he used his EBT method on me to improve my golf game. He removed a phobia I had on the back nine where my score always fell away. With this and excellent guidance in Tai Chi my handicap dropped from 12 to 3, and I am 65 years old!”

Bob Dover, Las Vegas

“From the age of 19 (I’m now 53) I’ve had daily headaches as well as migraine attacks twice weekly.To function at work and also in daily life I had to take a lot of painkillers. My first treatment from Bart in November 2005 changed this. I did get two migraine attacks in the week that followed but after that NONE and headaches too! And this was two and a half years ago. I used to have neck ache as well, but that is almost gone as well.

It is fantastic to be free from the pain that made my life hard to live. I am very grateful for your treatment Bart! Thank you!”

- Laila Gangstad, Bergen

“I am oversensitive to electricity. After a treatment with Bart I had no pain in my neck anymore. I could turn my head without pain- fantastic!

For many years I’ve had stiff fingers and toes. After I took the basic course my pain lessened a lot and, difficult to describe, my bode felt happy! It feels like it did 8-10 years ago, light and I can breath much easier. Now 2 weeks afterwards I’ve lost 4 kilos and I can use my old favorite skirt again!”

Evy Nord, Stockholm

“I gained control over the eight hole (where I always messed up)during a golf training course with Bart. I took a point off that day and played excellent, I paired on the eight hole!

Gisela Rebman, Germany

“Coaching with Bart made a profound difference in how I behave.I don’t worry anymore, I feel strong and on the right track. Life is a whole new game for me, where I feel I know the rules. Thank you!”

KD Lindqvist, Hollywood, CA

“I just want to say THANK YOU for everything. It’s amazing how things work out when I get my focus right and eliminate a few “obstacles”. I can honestly say that I have never been this happy- ever. So to go to sleep feeling joy and waking up feeling joyous and excited about he day that is about to happen- just awesome. Absolutly amazing. And what do I do all day- hang out in front of the computer- writing. Never knew I’d know so much joy doing that! Never knew I could feel so much energy doing that. Like being charged, instead of drained, so I am still buzzing!”


“I took the basic course twice last year, and when my chinchilla broke his paw up by the elbow Bart and I treated him with EBT and I put him in isolation for about a month. The vet said that if his paw didn’t get better they would have to put him to sleep or amputate his paw. Now he is doing great, his paw has healed! The only difference/handicap is that he cannot grab things with that paw, but he can live a perfectly normal life nonetheless and jumps and runs around like crazy, just like before the accident. I’m so grateful and happy, and so is Chille.”

Anna S, Stockholm

“After I participated in the basic course I took every opportunity to practice. The results have been so fantastic I’ve had a hard time believing it myself. I was in Turkey on vacation and was able to help the manager of the hotel with his very painful knee. When I treated him he had to sit down as he got hot and dizzy. Later that day he came with flowers and said thanks because his knee was all well, after three weeks of constant pain!

On the same trip I treated two Englishmen. One with a bad shoulder and the other that took medicine for his complicated heart. I worked on them for 5 minutes the 5 days we were there. Later they emailed with great news, his knee was now 85-90% better. His friends heart was now without complications and he had lowered his dose of medication. Wow, this is fun! Thanks Bart, I am coming back for more.”

Kay Gallen -Kallela, Kungsbacka

“Thank you for the inspirationI’ve gotten from you Bart- to be who I am and do what I want to do. I am very grateful for the course in EBT, both my internal and external life is now in great change.”

Tom Lidström

“I am so grateful I know this method. Once during my daily walkmy friend showed me her 3 days old lambs. One had diarrhea and my friend said it usually lasts 3 weeks when they are this small. Another one had it’s eyelids rolled back with a difficult infection. I told my friend I’d treat them from home.
&To our amazement both the little ones were just fine with no problems the next day. I just love that I can assist like this! Thanks Bart for awesome courses.”

Elsie Tarle, Stockholm

I’ve taken all three Yuen Method courses now and it is so exciting. I’d never dreamt I’d be full with so much knowledge about “everything that has to do with the body and humans”(and it’s quite a lot!) I feel I am soaking up all I can learn around me.”

Grethe Solheim, Norge

“Bart treated my horse that had a bad colic with blocked intestine. With the healing he calmed down immediately and the cramps went down 60%. Later when we got to the vet. we called him again. Then the block came out the same instant he said “done”. It was amazing to me!”

Sandy Collins, Las Vegas

“I am so grateful I know this method. Once during my daily walkmy friend showed me her 3 days old lambs. One had diarrhea and my friend said it usually lasts 3 weeks when they are this small. Another one had it’s eyelids rolled back with a difficult infection. I told my friend I’d treat them from home.
&To our amazement both the little ones were just fine with no problems the next day. I just love that I can assist like this! Thanks Bart for awesome courses.”

Elsie Tarle, Stockholm

During the course “What to do with the rest of your life”I realized that I was carrying a wish to express myself thru the painting arts .Within a year after this course I was accepted into an art school, educated myself in the Vedic Art, had my first solo exhibition and the “Springsaloon”wanted my pictures. This course changed my life! For all of you who have a wish to express your full potential, but don’t know where or how, take this course and discover your hidden talents!”

Lena Porsander

“THANK YOU for a wonderful week in Lofoten, it for sure was a once in a lifetime experience. I’m still smoke free!!! Who could have believed that, after 30 years of smoking every day, not me, that’s for sure. I’m thrilled and happy. 
When I got back I knew that I couldn’t stay at the place I just moved in to. Now I’ve found a place where it feels great to move in to, am very excited. And I also found somebody that will take over this place I’m at now. That’s is just unbelievable, thought I had to pay double rent for 2 months, now I don’t have to pay double rent at all! 
Everything just feels so good; I sure came home new and improved. Have been studying almost every day and just get more amazed about EBT. Seems to have the answers to my questions…”

Eva-Lena Persson

“The What to do with the rest of your life course really made a difference to meandthings just keep coming to me….knowledge of more things that I love to do, opportunity’s to do the things that I love to do, and this morning a song came to me….within 5 minutes I had written it down, and can you guess what kept repeating itself in the lyrics?…..Well of course: Dance for life!!! It’s just amazing how things work??!!! So thank You Bart for the work you do with all of us!”

V. S. 

“I don’t know why I responded to the advert and article in the newspaper about the work that Bart is doing because it seemed skewed towards the martial arts to me and I am not a practitioner nor am I remotely interested in the martial arts! However, I have been going through an extended period in my life where I have been searching for more meaning as well as answers for the deeper questions that had been arising in my life. I have tried various other alternative healing methods and was still plagued by very, very tense shoulder muscles; it constantly felt as though my shoulders were up around my ears and the muscles had become bunched and knotted. Maybe this is why I came to the introductory session? I thought maybe we should approach curing a physical ailment with a more “physical”approach? During the few minutes Bart worked on me; I felt a very cold “sludgy”sensation move down my body; starting from my head, going through the shoulders and ending at my finger tips. It was as though something very dense was being pushed through a sieve. All this time, Bart was a few feet away from my body. I literally felt my muscles melting and relaxing.

Naturally I was a bit skeptical because this has been an ongoing problem for years and I thought I will wait till tomorrow morning before I pass judgment! Well, by the next evening I was still pain free and relaxed so I decided to sign up for the full hour healing session because if he could make it “well”in 10 minutes what could he do in an hour!! That was the greedy side of my nature emerging, I suppose! Yes, let’s have way more of this!! Ha! Ha!”

“My hour private session with Bart was not what I had expected as I thought that we would be working on my shoulders but Bart “sees”the whole person and for the first time in my life I felt that here is someone who really “sees”me and “hears”me. I came to get rid of the pain in my shoulders but Bart somehow helped to release a much, much deeper emotional pain that I have been carrying around for my whole life and helped me to face that part of Me, really see her, acknowledge her, accept her and love her anyway. I have not spoken of that aspect of my life with anyone but Bart saw it (I don’t know how) and helped me to release a lot of buried sadness. He also worked on my shoulders which two weeks later are still pain free and more relaxed – even my masseuse has noticed the difference.

After this session, I came away with a lot more understanding of why I am the way I am and why I was so afraid of anger and showing anger in my life. I noticed a line of bruises along my left arm from the armpit to the wrist and a huge bruise on the side of the knee of my right leg. My whole body seems to have shifted somehow, I don’t know how to describe it other than it seems to have “fallen”into place. I am more comfortable with my emotions both the “good”and the “bad”ones and notice that the “Me”I acknowledged in our session is with me sometimes and she is so much happier and relaxed. I feel a rush of love towards that child whenever I notice her and feel a sense of peace and acceptance within myself whenever that happens.”

“Since my experience with Bart, I have been able to acknowledge more of my emotions without fear. I sometimes feel as though I am observing myself as I go through my life and I have been able to take up my meditation practice again with much more ease. My mind is calmer and my meditations are deeper as a result.”

- C.C., Hong Kong, September 2005

“It was so fascinating to be coached by Bart!I never really noticed, what he did – but it worked. It was as if I had magical guidance from the moment we started.

And it was great fun! I just saw, experienced and enjoyed the results, like picking ripe fruits from trees that had grown on its own. Just by the power of nature! That was a bit like being in paradise! 

And it was like an adventure too. He gave me tasks to think about and to make some emotional experiences with. Each time when I started on one of these journeys into the unknown, it first was like cutting my way through the jungle with a machete. And after some time I suddenly noticed that there were free paths in front of me, which gradually widened out to real ways. Nice ways, designing the structure of a wonderful park. All became so joyful and easy! I felt free and safe at the same time! 

Each time I arrive in this blooming park, I had the feeling, that it had always been here waiting for me. All I had had to do was to find my way into it. I felt that this park was my park, my home inside of myself, that I had lost and found again. 
It was like the adventure to come back home to myself! That was what coaching was like! Thank you, Bart! You are great!”

- Rita