These amazing 2 hour Healing Circle Gatherings are extremely potent and bring forth very powerful shifts in your vitality and well-being on many levels. Bart offers these life-altering programs around the globe and no matter what country he is in, people always walk away with a remarkable shift in their overall wellness and state of mind.

Listen to what others have to say.


Many people attend multiple circles as the intensity of the healing benefits increases from each.

QiGong Class + Shamanic Ceremony

From the sacred Taoist monasteries in China, Tibet and Cheng Du, Central America to the jungles of Amazon and Peru to the streets of San Francisco and Las Vegas, Bart has experienced very powerful and unique training from Great Masters.

While training with Bart, he is able to guide and assist you to eliminate years of resistance both structurally and energetically so that you receive benefits that literally could take months of training elsewhere during this bold evening of martial arts & fun.

The Shamanic practice will also release and eliminate negative influences as well as replace and restore integrity to your internal and external energetic bodies.

Specifically targeted to strengthen your core, relieve stress, peace of mind, increased awareness and heightening your harmonic frequency.


Young girl from CA had severe circulation problems for several years and had been to doctors and practitioners and no one had been able to relieve the problem. Her hands were purple blue and cold most of the time with limited flexibility. After the healing circle, her hands had a remarkable recovery and full circulation returned as seen by the color, the coldness was gone and much better flexibility.


These popular & valuable group healing circles are extremely potent and can bring forth very transformative shifts in your vitality and well-being on many levels.

Each person will each have a mini direct healing time with Bart as well as a powerful, guided, group meditation healing that will work on releasing toxins and heavy metals, brain clarity, traumas, rejuvenation, chronic pains and more.

Bart also teaches empowering and beneficial interactive T’ai Chi and QiGong exercises that can be used daily to strengthen your core, relieve stress and increase your harmonic frequency. Be warned…the program also contains a lot of laughter!

Bart blends together his alchemical Healing ways working on chronic health challenges, cutting of psychic ties, removal of toxic aggressive energies, clearing of ancestral patterns, traumas, emotional wounds, depression and more. His methods are laced with humor, kindness and neutrality.


Norway Fjord
“Between the seminar and healing circle, not to mention the private session where you realigned my head on right….I have to say I have not felt this good physically, mentally, and spiritually in many years. I have had chronic pain for over 10 yrs and tried many modalities to alleviate it and nothing had changed till my work with you:). My body is 95% free of pain and I am astonished and grateful. I have my life back! I also wanted to thank you and let you know that the additional work you did on me and on my office building/environment at the healing circle was absolutely awesome! I don’t know what you did but I can truthfully say I have been in this office for three years and have never been able to be at work without coming home completely drained of energy and in significant pain. Your work is amazing and much appreciated!”
— Cheryl Rousse