"I am eternally grateful to a most amazing Shaman...Bart Smyth. He helped me get healthy for my hip replacement surgery, which with just a few weeks before it I got sick and if I had not regained my health, I would have had to cancel it. There are real healing Masters amongst us & Bart Smyth leads the pack."Dawna Shuman, LA Publicist

Private appts for personal healings are available below.

Bart blends together his alchemical Healing ways working on chronic health challenges, cutting of psychic ties, removal of toxic aggressive energies, clearing of ancestral patterns, traumas, emotional wounds, depression and more.

He is able to pierce the veil of unconscious patterns to discover the unseen forces that are holding you in back and then is able to assist in restoring health and vitality.

His methods are laced with humor, kindness and neutrality.

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Cornea regenerating ,scar tissue dissolving vision returns

After wearing contact lenses for 35 years I contracted an infection in the right eye. I waited four days to go to the eye doctor thinking it was just a little cut on my eye. By the time I got to the doctor, the infection had almost destroyed my cornea. After those 4 days, I suddenly became blind in that right eye. An accumulation of so much scar tissue had happened in those few days, it took my sight away. I was terribly upset as you can imagine. The doctor said I would need a cornea replacement because they do not regenerate.I contacted Bart to see if there was anything he could do for me. He looked into my field and agreed he could help. After working on me for several sessions, I could see the scar tissue beginning to diminish and dissolve. I was astounded! He continued working on the eye now for almost a year and I have regained vision in that right eye. This healing has truly been a amazing results…. even according to the eye doctor. Needless to say I highly recommend Bart Smyth." ....Denise B, Las Vegas, NV

Private Individual Human Session

Amazing results


Eye infection causes blindness cornea destruction and massive scar tissue



SCHEDULED APPTS: All privates are scheduled as Remote sessions (unless Bart is in your location, please check Events for local info) either via Skype or phone. If you want to refer a friend or family member then it's easy.

A session with Bart transcends both time and space whether in person or remotely. Safety is primary in the shamans practice and all work is in alignment and directed by the clients body and their needs.

What this means is, your body and energy fields have all the necessary information to improve. Working intuitively, simply and practically creates the space for comfort and fun in the process of becoming well.

Positive change can take place immediately, and often does, as fundamental confusions are exposed and brought to clarity, balance and harmony. Bart masterfully connects energetically and verbally effecting genuine changes.


30 min. session - $150.00

60 min. session - $275.00

(5) 45 min. sessions - $998.00 package price


Please note that the package sessions are 45 min. each. For example: You would pay for the full package and then book your times as indicated in 45 min sessions. An email confirmation will be sent to you showing your confirmed appointment. You will be sent a REMINDER for your appointment 24 hrs before.

Please remember Bart is an International Healer, so when booking your appointment, be sure to check booking time (either 'am or pm'). ALL appointments are in U.S.A. Eastern time zone

Book 30 min. or 1 hour Healings

For a(5)45 min. Package $998.00

Disclaimer: Bart is not a physician or health care professional. He does not diagnose or treat disease. His work is complementary to and supportive of any kind of health care regimen, allopathic or holistic. His work is not intended to replace any medical, psychological or psychiatric treatments. If you should have a dramatic improvement in any condition after a healing session, do not suspend or change your medical treatments or prescriptions without first consulting your health care professional. By signing up for a session, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the above.