What is Shamanism and what is the reason for its resurgence?

Shamanism is the natural way of healing that works partly by bridging the unseen with the seen and has been in every culture for centuries. The name comes from Siberia yet it has had different names in different ages and cultures. It refers to the ability of the Shaman/Healer to travel to non-ordinary realities in altered states of consciousness. The resurgence I believe is due to curiosity, need and measurable results. Anthropological studies combined with searching for medicinal plants by BIG Pharma has brought the attention to the forefront. People are also more open now for healing with the wisdom arts. For the last 30 years, it has prominently spread because of profound results.

What happens when a person asks a shaman for a healing?

That invitation opens up the space for a sacred alliance to be struck between client and Shaman. There is an agreement that transcends time and space which is unbreakable, undisturbed for the time they are to work together. Safety is primary. The Shaman then proceeds when the knowing or correct information presents itself and that guidance is quite strong and clear.

You are a T’ai Chi Master too. How do you integrate this into your Shamanic healing?

T’ai Chi is actually a daily shamanic practice. We work with all directions North, South, East, West, Heaven and Earth, connecting the inner with the outer experience. Both technologies are part of me. It is a blessing for me to have studied with masters in both areas. My energy flows best and is most powerful because with both technologies, the listening energy is the key to hear what the body and spirit are needing to heal.

You have helped over 40,000 people heal, what kinds of issues are most prevalent that you work on?

On the physical, it is clearing traumas, ingestible toxins and heavy metals. Next would be pesticides, food colorings, preservatives and petrol, enviromental chemical toxins. Our environment is loaded with toxins that cling inside the body and absolutely impede vitality and cause breakdowns in our system. Quite interesting, on the emotional/psychological side, most people show up with a lack of proper guidance during developmental years, 1-7. This usually leads to a separation from their internal spiritual guidance system. We learn to manage ourselves “to fit in” rather then “Being our true nature”. I work toward washing away the false identities, the need for outer approval and programmed conformity. I had a very traumatic life and my journey was guided for healing myself and to continue sharing what worked for me with others. I continue to learn and expand with each client and personal hero I meet.

Does Shamanism work on our collective consciousness to help our planet?

Yes. We are all connected and this is what is so readily available to witness in the Amazon. For each one of us that clears and frees ourselves from distorted behaviors either taught, learned or programmed, the tension on the collective releases and energy once needed to deal with unconscious negative thoughts and actions is now free.

Does a Shamanic healing stimulate a person’s own self healing?

Yes, once the work is started, the client takes this into his/her inner world. That is when the healing further blossoms with the innate wisdom of the body. Like jumper cables restarting the engine.

Once a Shaman contacts his spirit guides, what happens?

For me, when I have prepared the space I wait and listen for the contact, the intuition and insight so to speak, and then I move with the guidance and respond to clients energy. Shamans are fully guided by their spirit guides.